The sign up process for Market Labs Alerts is a simple onboarding flow where you will complete the following steps.

  1. Create your Market Labs account

  2. Connect with Amazon Seller Central

  3. Invite your team

  4. Configure your alerts

The process is painless and this guide will walk you through step by step.

Create your Market Labs account

The first step to create your Market Labs account is to provide a few details related to your business and yourself. When you create an account with Market Labs this account is for your entire business, whether you sell on Amazon exclusively with one seller account, or operate multiple seller accounts on multiple channels.

Input your Company Name and Your Name, and click Continue.

Market Labs SMS Alert feature requires a mobile phone number. Enter your number here and click Continue. You'll choose when you want SMS alerts later in the set up flow. Skip mobile phone for now only if you do not wish to receive SMS alerts.

Connect with Amazon Seller Central

The next step is to connect your Market Labs account with your Seller Central account. Click Prepare to connect with Amazon from the onboarding workflow page and you'll see the following instructions for connecting with Amazon.

Click "Securely Connect with Amazon" and you'll be redirected to Seller Central.

Important! Users must have certain elevated Seller Central user permissions in order to integrate applications with Seller Central. As best practice, we recommend that you login with the Primary Account Holder's credentials for this step.

After logging into Seller Central, you'll see the following permissions authorization page for the Market Labs app. This page details the permissions you are granting Market Labs for your Seller Central account. Check the box and click Confirm.

After authorizing Market Labs in your Seller Central account, you'll be redirected to the Market Labs application. We quickly verify that our application can successfully connect with your Seller Central account.

You might see the Verifying Amazon Connection page, but it will quickly be replaced with the Connection Verified banner. Click Continue to proceed.

Invite your Team

After connecting your Amazon Seller Central account with Market Labs, you have the option to add additional users to your Market Labs account. Click Add your team to continue to the invites page, or click Skip for now to move forward to Configuring your Alerts.

Inviting users to your Market Labs account is simple: enter their name and email address and click Add to the team. They'll now show in the list of users invited, and they will receive an invitation link once the onboarding workflow is completed. You can edit invited users from this page by clicking Edit next to their name or remove them by click the Trash bin icon.

Configure your Alerts

The Configure your Alerts step shows you the various Alerts provided by Market Labs. Our recommended settings are selected by default but you can customize them here, or any time through your Market Labs profile.

If you provided a phone number for SMS Text messages, it will be displayed here.

For a detailed description of the Alerts system, check out our Alert Management help section.

Finish Set Up

Click Complete Set Up to be redirected to the Market Labs Alerts dashboard.

Congratulations! You've successfully signed up for Market Labs Alerts and connected to your Amazon Seller Central account. Your listings are now constantly monitored and your Alerts are active according to your preferences.

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