Installing Commission Finder’s app in your Shopify store is necessary for our systems to properly analyze your affiliate commissions and start recouping your advertising dollars. This guide walks you through this painless process.

Simply navigate to the link provided by your onboarding specialist and type in the myshopify URL for your storefront.

Our system requires the myshopify URL, so even if you’re using a custom domain for your storefront be sure to input the correct URL. Shopify creates the myshopify URL automatically when you establish your Shopify account. It uses the following format:


If you can’t remember your shop URL you can find it by logging into your Shopify store's admin page.

After logging into your Shopify admin, the URL in your browser's address bar should display your myshopify URL as shown below. Do not include any text after .com

Once you've entered the myshopify URL into Commission Finder, you will be directed to log-in to Shopify if not already authenticated.

Once logged in, you'll see the Install app page. This page details the permissions you are granting Commission Finder for your Shopify store.

Click Install app and you will be redirected to Commission Finder.

Congrats! You've successfully installed Commission Finder in your Shopify store. Our automated process to retrieve orders for attribution and validation will kick off immediately in the background.

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