Your Market Labs User Profile is where all of the settings for your individual user account are stored. Updating your personal details, or giving our Dark Mode option a spin, can all be done from the User Profile page.

To get started, simply click your name or the icon in the upper right hand corner of any Market Labs page to expand the Settings Menu.

Here you can navigate to Alert Preferences for a connected channel, edit your profile, or sign out of Market Labs.

When you choose Your Profile from the Settings Menu, you'll be redirected to the User Profile page where you can edit and save your information.


The first form on the User Profile page is Profile information. This includes your First name, Last name, Email, and Phone number.

Important! Changing your email address will update the way you login. Similarly, the email address and phone number saved in your profile are used for delivering Market Labs Alerts. Changing them will change where you receive Alerts.


Underneath the Profile information form is an option to change the appearance of Market Labs. Our application is built to work in both Light and Dark Mode. Here you can choose a specific preference to use. System Default matches the settings on your device, while choosing Light or Dark will always be used regardless of your device settings.

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