Alert Types

Read below for a complete list of Alerts. We are constantly developing and adding new Alerts, contact us here to request new Alert Types.

Buy Box Won and Lost

Any number of changes to an Amazon Listing can trigger a Buy Box change: a competitor dropped their price, your offer is no longer active, or a new competitive price threshold was added by Amazon. No matter the reason, our system catches these updates and notifies you.

Criteria: Any change to Buy Box Winner

No Active Offers

Sometimes you run out of inventory, and other times a ruthless competitor updates your listing content triggering Amazon to suspend your ASIN's offers due to content violations. Market Labs Alerts monitors for any of your ASINs that no longer have active offers and notifies you right away, according to your preferences of course.

Criteria: Your last active offer on a listing becomes inactive

New Offers

Hijackers are all too common on Amazon, and with New Offers alerts from Market Labs you'll be the first to know about them. We're constantly identifying new sellers on your listings so you can react quickly.

Criteria: A seller has an active offer on a listing for the first time

Offer Changes

The critical alerts may get the immediate attention, but other listing offer changes provide valuable insight to the seller. Use the offer change alerts to better understand the competitive landscape of your listings and to catch issues in their infancy.

Criteria: Any change to lowest price, buy box price, offer counts, or competitive price threshold

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