By defining user Alert Preferences, you can choose which Alerts you want to receive, how you want receive them, and when you want to receive the Alerts. Anytime an event occurs in connected accounts that satisfies alert criteria, Market Labs will send you an Alert according to your preferences.

Defining Default Alert Preferences

Initial default preferences are defined during the onboarding process and you can adjust them at any time by clicking the user icon in the top right corner of any Market Labs screen and navigating to "Alert Preferences." Here you will define your desired Alert Types, Frequency, and Delivery Methods.

The default preferences apply to all ASINs in your Catalog unless ASIN specific preferences are defined.

Defining ASIN Specific Alert Preferences

In addition to defining the your default preferences, you can fine tune your Alerts by ASIN. For example, many users love the SMS delivery method, but only use it for specific ASINs and Alert Types that require SMS level urgency.

ASIN Specific Alert preferences are defined by navigating to the Alert Preferences page and choosing the "Customize settings for specific ASINs" link of the desired Alert Type.

You can also define and manage your preferences by Bulk Import. The Bulk Import process is a great way to manage preferences for large assortments or for any assortment with a high degree of preference customization. Read more about the Bulk Import Process here.

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