Alerts are a vital tool to operate your Amazon business. Whether it's knowing the competitive landscape on your listings, to an unexpected out of stock or listing closure from Amazon, our Alerts will keep you up to date based on your preferences.

Responding by Delivery Method

Emailed Alerts

Our detailed alerts via Email include tons of relevant information about your listing changes. Depending on Alert Type you'll see a number of important fields, including product information, details for your offer, and most importantly prior values and updated values based on the type of alert.

The View Change Details link in the email will take you directly to the alert in Market Labs for even more context of what changed, and will display our One-Click Actions menu if relevant.

There are links at the bottom of the email to update your default alert preferences, or customize them by ASIN.

Text Message Alerts

Our Text Message alerts are meant to notify you immediately of the most important changes to your listings. They all begin with the Alert Type and a short-URL that takes you directly to the alert in Market Labs, where you'll find all of the relevant information from the Alert in a mobile-friendly design.

One-Click Actions

Price Change

One of the most effective responses to a change to your listings is changing your price. Whether it's responding to a new low price, an additional seller joining the fray, or losing the Buy Box, we've made price changes simple and intuitive right from an Alert. Simply click the Change Listing Price button in the upper right from any relevant Alert and you'll quickly see your current offers with convenient options to Match Winning Price, Beat Winning Price, or Set Custom Price. Once you confirm the price change on the next page we'll immediately submit the change to Amazon. No more logging into Seller Central!

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