Market Labs allows you to connect multiple Amazon Seller Central accounts for a simple, single destination for all of your Alerts.

Navigate to the Company Settings page by clicking your Account name in the upper left and choosing Company Settings from the dropdown. Only users with "Manage Integrations" permissions can add or update connections.

The Channels tab on Company Settings shows all current connections in your Account. To connect an additional Seller Central account, click the "Add a New Channel" button on the page.

On the next page, you'll enter a name for the Channel (we recommend using the Seller Name on Amazon) and click "Continue with Integration". After that you'll be directed to connect your Amazon Seller Central account with Market Labs.

Click "Securely Connect with Amazon" and you'll be redirected to Seller Central.

Important! Users must have certain elevated Seller Central user permissions in order to integrate applications with Seller Central. As best practice, we recommend that you login with the Primary Account Holder's credentials for this step.

After logging into Seller Central, you'll see the permissions authorization page for the Market Labs app. This page details the permissions you are granting Market Labs for your Seller Central account. Check the box and click Confirm.

After authorizing Market Labs in your Seller Central account, you'll be redirected to the Market Labs application. We quickly verify that our application can successfully connect with your Seller Central account.

You might see the Verifying Amazon Connection page, but it will quickly be replaced with the Connection Verified banner.

Congrats! You've successfully connected another Amazon Seller Central account to your Market Labs account!

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