Creating a product feed in Product Shopping Feeds by Market Labs is straightforward with smart defaults and an intuitive design.

Follow these simple steps to get started:

  1. Start from the Feeds page in the Market Labs app by clicking Feeds from the top navigation.

  2. Click the Create a Product Feed button.

  3. Choose a Shopify store for the feed.

  4. Input a name for the feed, or leave it blank to accept the default value.

  5. Input a description for the contents of the entire feed. We recommend a description of your Shopify business and the types of product you sell.

  6. Choose whether to add all products to the feed, or hand select specific products to add later.

  7. Click Create Feed and Continue.

Market Labs allows you to create as many feeds as you need to manage your business. Each unique feed allows you to further customize product shopping feed details with unique default values and overwriting attributes on particular items.

Similarly, Market Labs allows you to connect multiple Shopify store accounts for a simple, single destination for managing all of your product feeds.

Additional Details

  • If your Market Labs account is connected with multiple Shopify stores, you will need to select the specific store for your product feed in Step 3. If you only operate one store, it will default automatically for you!

  • The name and description fields for your feed are primarily to help you identify the feed within Market Labs and the platforms you use to publish your feed, but they are visible in the raw feed data on the internet. We recommend accurate, descriptive details that can be customer-facing.

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