How to add your Market Labs Product Shopping Feed to Google Merchant Center

  1. Start from the Feeds page in the Market Labs app by clicking Feeds from the top navigation

  2. Click the clipboard button to copy the Feed URL for the feed you want to add

  3. Log into your Google Merchant Center account

  4. Navigate to the "Feeds" section under "Products" in Google Merchant Center and click the plus (+) button

  5. Follow the prompts and enter these pieces of information:

    • Country of sale: The country of sale is the main country in which products from this feed are sold. Product data in this feed must meet the requirements for the country you submit, including the feed specifications and policies. You can add additional countries for Shopping ads when you select destinations during the feed creation process.

    • Language: The language in which your product data is written. Learn more about using the right language and currency

    • Destination: Choose one or many feed destinations in Merchant Center to allow you to determine which Google features can use the items in your data feed. Learn more about multiple destinations

    • Primary feed name: Enter a descriptive name that helps you identify the primary feed. The feed name doesn’t need to match the name of the file you’re submitting. You can change the feed name later by editing your primary feed settings.

  6. For Input method, select Scheduled fetch. For the File Name, choose any name you'd like. Google will fetch your feed directly from the Market Labs server.

  7. For Fetch Frequency and Fetch Time, we recommend Daily during your off-hours. This allows Market Labs to process any changes that occur throughout your normal business day and publish them before Google Merchant Center retrieves the feed.

  8. Finally, paste the File URL you copied from Market Labs and click "Create Feed"

Account Tax Settings and Shipping Settings

It is important to provide accurate shipping and tax information before launching Shopping campaigns. Google recommends advertisers set these directly within their Google Merchant Center account instead of providing the details via data feed.

To complete these steps in your Google Merchant Center account please follow these detailed instructions from Google:

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