How to add your Market Labs Product Shopping Feed to CJ Affiliate

  1. Start from the Feeds page in the Market Labs app by clicking Feeds from the top navigation

  2. Click the clipboard button to copy the Feed URL for the feed you want to add

  3. Navigate within your CJ account to Links > Feeds and click the Register Feed button

  4. Enter these pieces of information:

    1. Product Feed Name - The name of your product feed link. Once created, this name cannot be edited. The name of the product feed will also be used as the name of the product feed link (AID), which will appear in reporting. This is visible to Publishers when they subscribe to a product feed export

    2. Email(s) For Notifications - Users and email addresses entered here will be notified of successful feed imports.

    3. Archive URL - The URL to redirect users to if a product link is deleted in CJ. Typically the URL of your store's home page.

    4. Mode - Select Live mode

    5. Search and Export Options - Choose whether Publishers can find your products in product search and API, and whether you want to restrict which Publishers can export a full product feed file

    6. Feed Format - Select "Shopping (Google Format)"

    7. Field to Use for Item Level Commissioning - If you are utilizing Product Lists for item-level commissioning, select the column on your feed with the Product List value. For more information, please reference this help article.

    8. Target Country, Currency and Content Language - Select the country, currency and language your feed is in.

    9. Data Format - Select XML

    10. Price Field Currency Format - Select the appropriate format your pricing appears in on your Feed

    11. File Transfer & Credentials - Select Client HTTP/S (Fetch)

    12. URL (incl. http:// or https://) - Paste the File URL you copied from Market Labs, making sure it includes the https:// prefix.

  5. Click Register Feed

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