How to add your Market Labs Product Shopping Feed to Pinterest

  1. Start from the Feeds page in the Market Labs app by clicking Feeds from the top navigation

  2. Click the clipboard button to copy the Feed URL for the feed you want to add

  3. Log into your Pinterest business account and click Ads, then Catalogs

  4. Fill in the details for your data source URL below New data source:

    • Enter the name of your data source below Name.

    • Paste the Feed URL from Market Labs into Product feed URL.

    • Select the File format XML from the dropdown

    • Select the Default availability setting for your products

    • Select the Country/region that your products are sent from. You will not be able to update this later.

    • Select the Language of the content in your data source. You will not be able to update this later.

    • Select the Default currency of your products.

    • Select the Time and Timezone you’d like Pinterest to process your feed. This is optional.

  5. Click Create Pins

Additional Details

  • Pinterest only updates your data source once every 24 hours. Make your updated full data source available daily to keep your product details up-to-date. Scheduled data source updates are available, but on-demand ingestion is not supported at this time.

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