Create unique feeds for each of your marketing channels

You use different copy, images, and strategies to market on different marketing channels, and your feeds should be treated similarly. Google Shopping, Facebook Ads, and Affiliate networks reach consumers at different stages of the buying cycle, and customizing a feed for each of these channels will yield better marketing results.

Google Shopping Ads

Powered by Google Merchant Center, Google Shopping Ads can reach users that are actively searching and in-market for your products. Editing product titles and descriptions not only help with click-through rates and relevancy, you can add keywords to expand your reach and target new search terms without editing the product listing on your website.

Additionally, using custom labels to group certain products together allows for better bid and budget management. Example: Labeling your historical Q4 best sellers allows you to increase bids and reach for those specific products, without impacting the rest of your product catalog.

Social Media Ads

Generally, social media advertising is more visual than search. Editing the primary images for products in a social-specific feed gives you the ability to test different types of imagery, and optimize towards a higher ROAS (return on ad spend). Hint: Lifestyle imagery often produces higher CTRs (click-through rates) on social ads, compared to basic product imagery.

Affiliate Networks

With affiliate networks and the affiliates themselves receiving a commission on sales, low margin products or high organic sales products might not need the lift affiliates can provide. Removing certain products from your affiliate network feed is a good way maintain control over your affiliate promotions.

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