AAA - Agency Authorization Agreement

While a AAA is not required for Commission Finder, it is strongly recommended for the following reasons:

  • Quicker, better integrations

    • Market Labs will set up and manage all required subscriptions and data transfer integrations end-to-end.

    • Market Labs will set up and manage coupon availability. Coupons codes can be very effective, but difficult to control and represent a significant source of commission recovery

  • Faster support, fewer technical issues

    • We can submit CJ support requests directly to resolve any CJ API or SFTP issues. While CJs API and Data Transfer systems are reliable, they do sometimes go down or require troubleshooting.

  • Save more money

    • Have you negotiated your CJ fees? While fees are generally 3%, advertisers with a AAA generally see significant fee reduction

    • Eliminate renewal fees

    • Reduce CJ Integration fee (typically $3,000, reduced to $1,000)

You can find more information on the AAA here.

CJ Network Integration App

Advertisers should implement the most up-to-date CJ Integration - the Shopify CJ Network Integration app.

The app “provides a quick and efficient method to integrate with CJ and launch in the CJ network. Advertisers will be able to take advantage of the automated enhancements our tracking technology, without having to make website integration changes.”

If you have not implemented the CJ Network Integration app, please do so. Contact [email protected] if you have any questions or need assistance.

Advanced Tracking Integration

CJ’s Advanced Tracking Integration is highly recommended. Item level detail is necessary to maximize commission recovery and control of your program and publishers.

If you have any questions about the advanced tracking integration or have any issues with setup, please contact [email protected] for help.

CJ Integration - Script Confirmation

In order to ensure that Commission Finder is implemented quickly and correctly, please confirm the CJ integration script.

Login to your Shopify Store and navigate to the CJ Network Integration App. From within the app, you should see some IDs and a script block like below. Please screenshot this code and send it to us for review.

Please confirm the same script shown in your CJ Network Integration is reflected in your Order status page Additional Scripts.

You can confirm this in the Additional Scripts section of the Checkout Settings page (Settings -> Checkout). There should only be one CJ script listed in this Additional Script section.

If there are additional CJ scripts, please provide them as well. Please send the script confirmation to [email protected].

Coupons and Promo Codes

Regardless of your current strategy with coupon codes, we highly recommend the following to allow the advertisers the most flexibility and control of coupon codes in their affiliate program.

Coupon Management

Advertisers must request coupon management tools from CJ. If a AAA is in place, Market Labs can manage this process end-to-end. With coupon management setup, advertisers can exclude codes from the program as well as create exclusive codes for publishers. This provides maximum control for advertisers.

Dynamic Coupon Codes

Do you have any 3rd party apps that create dynamic coupon codes? Apps such as Klaviyo may create and provide a code to a particular customer or segment of customers. Often, these codes should be “excluded” from the program.

If you have any dynamic codes, please contact [email protected] and let us know.

Program Terms

It’s important to create program terms that allow you to control your coupons and their availability within the network. You may have coupon management enabled, but if your program terms are not setup correctly, you may still not be able to control the use of codes within your network.

We suggest that advertisers provide for “exclusive” coupon codes within their program terms. You can still broadly distribute codes by making the code “exclusive” to multiple (or all, if desired) publishers - great flexibility. Here is an example of effective program term language:

Situational Commissioning

If you have implemented situational commissioning, please let us know. It will be important to thoroughly review the situational commissioning implementation to ensure corrections are accurate and maximized.

Similarly, if you are interested in situational commissioning and need help, contact [email protected].

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